Modern Intimacy – An Art Form

I began publishing my thoughts in 2012. The “Unicorn Theorem” is the 3rd generation of those thoughts. When I first begins in 2012, it was my fetish. At the time, I was going through an awakening and I wanted the world by my side. The sharing of my life felt as if the world was holding my hand, having a cocktail with me.

As people are dynamic, so is my blog. Naturally, this too has changed. What was once a diary of raw, emotional prose, found comfort in cerebral self-examination.

The Unicorn Theorem aims to prove the intersection of reality and fantasy. This is the world of modern intimacy. As a professional companion, I’ve seen and done it all. Relationships are the backbone of life, in every form.

Now, get reading and listening. Its time to jump into Olivia’s world.