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A man I know can be so good in my bed, so in touch with my energy. His mind and body show no inhibitions. He devours me and his self-confidence sends me soaring. I’m his canvas to play and experiment. I am his muse, bringing to life thoughts and emotions he didn’t know existed deep within.

We explore one another like wild animals. The orgasm is not what we are after. It is not part of a journey. It is not the final destination. I’m not sure if there is a beginning, middle, or end. It’s just being with one another and that feeling of satisfaction from just being together and the focus on every little moment, every touch, kiss. Every, every.

Our nakedness transforms us.

The Mistress. Her Lover. The Magic. Poof.

Magical naked. Intense naked. Figuratively and literally. The real world enters like a cold, sharp breeze in the bask of a perfectly warm sun. There are some relationships not made for the real world. Our reality is the fantasy, not meant to exist in what’s real. The boundaries are unbreakable as long as we don’t push too hard or force them. What if it’s out of our control and the decision is made for us? The external force is so grave, the choice is the inevitability to let go.

“Where are you going? Don’t leave.” The choices are made for us sometimes.

I don’t kid myself. You are gone. My reality, was not spared. Life goes on. All of your nakedness, that self-confidence you have, is imprinted in my brain, on my body. It’s not the same, but it’s what I have.