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Rules were meant to be broken. I broke one of mine and when I went home with him from one of my events but it was so much fun.   I couldn’t help myself.   It was our second time meeting and he is irresistible in a debonaire way.  The way the corners of his eyes crinkled when he smiled and laughed.  The easy confidence to his stride.  The way he worked the room, made everyone feel important.

The night went by so fast.  The cocktails and conversation, looks across the table as we chatted with others but eavesdropped on each other.   The best part was our time alone.  New York City after heavy rain.  I forgot how romantic it can be, walking arm and arm down the dark, wet streets of my neighborhood, holding on to  Mr. Salt and Pepper as he ensures that my heels avoid the puddles.  Yes, I am an old-school romantic.

A nightcap. We cozily chat over the candlelight and I am v. aware that I am going home tonight, just not to my home.  It’s so nice to talk about our families, business, life, politics…all the stuff that makes for meaty conversation. Then, it’s time.

Back at his place, a mere 10 blocks from me, we put on some rat pack music and the subtle dance begins. Eventually, we get there. I climb on top of him, my dress comes off and my mouth closes in on his. I know I made the right decision.

It was a great one night. Just one.  That’s all it was meant to be. A best-kept secret.

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