Sometimes I feel v. introspective. It happens from time to time. I want to give all that I have but know that if I don’t protect myself and draw lines, who will be there to protect me? After going through a divorce, the sudden death of a lover, and evolving into a power exchange lifestyle and back again, my emotional intelligence has evolved quite a bit.

As a woman of great faith, I believe in giving because it is a good thing not because I ever expect something back. This was how I was raised. Yet, I am not infallible. There are times when I feel emotionally spent. There are times when I feel alone and forgotten.

It is not easy to put yourself out there. There are times when I go noticeably silent. Silence is golden for a reason, right? Those are the times when I am recharging my emotional batteries. I don’t ever want to stop learning and growing. I am aware that I have made ALOT of mistakes and am a v. trusting person. Not naive but trusting. Often my friends, shake their heads and tell me that I need to be more careful but I wouldn’t trade even the unfortunate and challenging experiences I have had for a life full of emotional boundaries.

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