CLIENT THEOREM,  role play


Sometimes things happen when our husbands pass out in front of the TV.  My son showed up unexpectedly to wish me a happy birthday and caught me in undress – my bra, garter, stockings and heels.   I’m blushing as I recount this story.

My birthday dinner with my husband was nice and heavy on the promises to cum. On the drive home, I took my seatbelt off so my hand could enjoy the birthday present he had growing for me between his Italian-clothed legs. Only a few more minutes, and I would be receiving the birthday fuck I’d been fantasizing about. Unfortunately, Elijah Craig and ESPN needed him more.

I was horny. Masturbation at my age was not going to cut it. Overrated.  I needed something thick and real. My son surprised me and wow, had he matured in his 3 years at college. We were always close and not having him in the house, he was missed.

It just happened. I don’t think either one of us were expected it. We were two forces that were barreling towards each other at a sexual momentum that was impossible to calculate. He showed up and his hands were warm and strong on my shoulders. As wrong as it was, it felt so right.  He brought me to orgasm without a word and with his gentle touch. The next moment had me on my knees, serving her son in the sluttiest and most deviant of ways.  Yes, he fucked my mouth. He bent me over the kitchen chair and took my cunt from behind. It didnt stop there. No, this was the foreplay of a sexually pent up 21 year old. He took me on my marital bed. He kissed and fondled me onto his father’s excessively large mahogany desk, and finally in front of the tv, where he came…..gushing and spewing all his forbidden desire into me and on my spent body.

My husband snored through it all. It was a happy birthday.

Happy fantasy Friday.

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