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    Sometimes things happen when our husbands pass out in front of the TV.  My son showed up unexpectedly to wish me a happy birthday and caught me in undress – my bra, garter, stockings and heels.   I’m blushing as I recount this story. My birthday dinner with my husband was nice and heavy on the promises to cum. On the drive home, I took my seatbelt off so my hand could enjoy the birthday present he had growing for me between his Italian-clothed legs. Only a few more minutes, and I would be receiving the birthday fuck I’d been fantasizing about. Unfortunately, Elijah Craig and ESPN needed him more.…

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    Bugs Bunny LOVED his carrots. He enjoy flaunting them too. I was compelled to write about a common client behavior because of a tweet. A fellow companion mentioned how some clients love to over promise and then under deliver. This isn’t a good business practice as anyone who is in business will tell you. Listen in to hear more about this phenomenon in the client/companion relationship. While I don’t think it is ever done with malicious intent, I also think that the client/provider relationship can create a lot of Bugs Bunnies. Personally, I love a client who with his actions and never his words, completely surprises and delights. Listen in…

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    The true practice of intimacy can happen in what might seem to be the most awkward of moments. Yet, it is the openness and presence in which intimacy is felt that allows for this bond we create to thrive and not stall out. Intimacy is not a fairy tale. It is not perfection. The tenderness of leaning into a moment that could feel or be distracting, doesn’t have to be. It’s down to your willingness to explore the discomfort and simultaneously decide what you want to make of it. The beauty of companionship is in the shapeshifting of intimacy, the fun of that learning, growth.

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    Get lost in that touch for a moment, two or three. How good it feels to have that warm hand caress you gently. Never obvious, always discreet and yet still, your mind finds its way to the dirtiest corner. You feel a lift. That’s always reassuring. A whisper, a laugh, a look. We aren’t playing games rather its just the slow path to something good. Yet, we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves. We know the significance of the present. The feelings evoked. We way not get enough but when do those mental pictures are poignantly vivid. Blink once twice as if your lashes are sweeping down on the shutter of…

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    Recently I listened to the Impact Theory podcast. The guest was Sex Therapist Emily Morse. What was immediately apparent, is the significance of non-sexual points, like balancing your identity that seem to be the catalyst for why sex, or intimacy for that matter, has found its way to the bottom of the proverbial “to do” list. Basically, the more confident and centered you are within yourself, the better you can relate in connection with others. That’s obvious though, right? And yet, perhaps in a social-media, stuck-to-our-phones world, it’s not. Sure we smart enough to recognize this but maybe just too lazy to change. We should let the power of touch…

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    Four days into my moving to a new city, I reconnected with an awesome, talented gentleman over dinner in Cambridge. It was my first date since my move to the Boston area on March 1. Intimacy takes time and yes, practice. In my case, I’ve been practicing for the last 12 years. I think sometimes you are Now I am living in a new city and getting to know it – the good, bad and ugly. What is Interesting About a Man. It’s no secret that I love men. I appreciate them and enjoy learning their secrets, vulnerabilities and what makes them special. Some are in my life for many,…

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    Let me catch my breath with you. The way you can make me smile, laugh, provoke my thoughts. That heat that rises from between my legs; a body that melts when you finally kiss me. How firm and soft your tongue feels as it tickles mine. Your weight and strength reminding of your masculinity. Romance never gets old, even in the slightest of sentiment. There is never an inappropriate time. Let us not get so cynical that sentimental gesture is forgotten. What’s more, indulge with whom it may be least expected. Be bold in pursuit of the forgotten. Let go of expectation and assumption for they are man-made and unnatural.…

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    The Letter

    I was going through my desk drawer the other day and found a letter from my ex-husband. It was a letter he wrote me when he made me my Hope Chest. His engagement gift to me. I love a man who can work with his hands. Our divorce was two decades ago but his words aged beautifully. Imagine an electrical engineer who can write like Shakespeare. There in my tiny Upper East Side bedroom, I was transported to that day. The exquisite hope chest he had hand carved that would hold our precious memories, as we embarked on a new life together filled with hope and promise. Twenty years late…

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    This weekend I watched a French film, “Simple Passion“ that took me into my past, churned up my body, mind, and soul, and spit out some great insights into life, that I wasn’t prepared for. Of course, it was a film based on the autobiographical book of the same title by Annie Ernaux. An empowering body of work that permits you never to regret. Passion to feel passion. Their body is the vessel. Yet, life’s lessons teach so well, and maybe one day you will be ready for just one. “I experienced pleasure like a future pain.” Annie Ernaux