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Every day we seek out inspiration whether we realize it or not. While most of any given day is predictable, we still seek out inspiration. Our brief satisfaction may reveal itself in the perfect cup of coffee, not having any red lights, a particularly great workout, or that first sip on a cocktail when the day ends.

Our mission in life is not to wait for things to happen but to create the momentum to set that energy free. I believe we are all artists of a kind – building and creating, no matter how mundane or special, they are all unique. There is a belief that those experiences have to be foreign, so far out of our every day life, so BOLD, to truly be called an experience, enough at least, to appreciate and move us.


The Wisdom in Stillness.

When I was in a power exchange relationship, I kept pushing myself for more richer and deeper experiences. I could never get enough. It was the same in my corporate life. It was hubris. In the meantime, I wasn’t paying attention to the beauty of what existed around me. There was an expectant feeling inside of me. I wanted to please. In my corporate life, my aggressiveness and ambition, the level of arrogance, was not always the best way to read the room.

So What Changed?

Adversity builds character. I took a giant leap from my corporate sales life to become a professional companion. No more salary. This is when you really make time to dig a little deeper into said character to mature a bit more. After all, building intimate relationships takes a great deal of emotional maturity and insight.

The power of stillness becomes, a great momentum in your life. Perhaps this is why meditation has become so popular. However, its not just meditation that brings stillness. It is the power of observation. It is making time to replenish your energy. The focus is on your soul, which I know may sound too “self-helpy” but we all know what it means. Your body and mind aren’t complete without the depth that your soul adds to the person you are. Artists do this. Great leaders spend much time observing, as do some of the wildest of animals. The right moment is waiting.

There is Never a Wrong Time For…

As a companion, I spend my time trying to create bonds that have limitless potential and are without strings. Its not possible to do this well without a strong soul. There are more small moments of pleasure and contentment that can be underestimated and missed if you can’t coax their potential.

We can build a canvas of those moments and create a masterpiece, over and over.again.

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