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    Get lost in that touch for a moment, two or three. How good it feels to have that warm hand caress you gently. Never obvious, always discreet and yet still, your mind finds its way to the dirtiest corner. You feel a lift. That’s always reassuring. A whisper, a laugh, a look. We aren’t playing games rather its just the slow path to something good. Yet, we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves. We know the significance of the present. The feelings evoked. We way not get enough but when do those mental pictures are poignantly vivid. Blink once twice as if your lashes are sweeping down on the shutter of…

  • CLIENT THEOREM,  escort thoughts,  intimacy,  PROOF OF GROWTH & CONNECTION,  seduction


    Let me catch my breath with you. The way you can make me smile, laugh, provoke my thoughts. That heat that rises from between my legs; a body that melts when you finally kiss me. How firm and soft your tongue feels as it tickles mine. Your weight and strength reminding of your masculinity. Romance never gets old, even in the slightest of sentiment. There is never an inappropriate time. Let us not get so cynical that sentimental gesture is forgotten. What’s more, indulge with whom it may be least expected. Be bold in pursuit of the forgotten. Let go of expectation and assumption for they are man-made and unnatural.…

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    “The eyes are the window to the soul.” We hear this and it sounds romantic, deep and meaningful. If you think about the function of the eyes, they are essentially the camera of the brain. The synapse of those images, happens faster than we count; the different parts of the eye connect with the optic nerve that serves them to our brain. More importantly, our behavior and emotions are shaped by what we see. In fact, in many cases, it can be said that another part of our brain overrides what we see. In a moment of intimacy and connection, are we lost in our own souls or each other?

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    When you look in the mirror, which one are you?   I love looking at a man’s dick. His nakedness. I know men with beautiful dicks who are not the greatest people. Then, I know men with small dicks who are awesome. They are kind, emotionally intuitive, charismatic, and humble. Yes, the line between arrogance and confidence is definitive. Then of course there is the rare breed – gorgeous dick, gorgeous man – inside and out. I love tasting them as much as I love laughing, learning, and talking with them. How does your dick measure up? We all know the cliche, it’s not the size but it is what you do with…

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    The place where your fingers run, lightly scratching the place that drives me just a little crazy. You found my spot. I have a few but exploration and discovery are what matters most. This is the place where I melt, just a little. I try not to distract myself because as your hands glide over my sweet spot, my head is buried between your thighs. My body is relaxed, preparing itself for what is next and then what happens after that. There is no rush. The journey we are on is a longer and curvier road. It’s amazing when you find that ordinary, non-sexual spot that can change your body…