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    Here we lay. We ardently kiss and I feel your skin so warm, I mesh my mind into our connection that is developing and maturing in real time. Two people deliciously playing out our passions, so sensual, we melt. I bury my head in all that is masculine about you. It maybe be covered in fabric with the mechanisms for privacy, but my desire is to open you up, devour you and make it mine. A creation of a memory branded into my brain. There it goes – your warm, strong flesh set free. Then I can’t help myself. My mouth, my tongue and your eyes piercing into mine. The…

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    “It is good to rub and polish our brains against that of other.“ Michel de Montaigne When we look for things that will “next level” our abilities, we can overlook the most simple: interconnectedness. As a companion, I talk about the significance of connection in my ad copy and on my website. It sounds simple but it it takes work and a bit of bravery. The fulfillment of the physical needs the intellectual, to feel that true satisfaction contentment and pleasure. Two Heads Are Better Than One. Two heads, two bodies. An intermingling of the senses to celebrate the nature of being in this with you. Montaigne is for sure…

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    Every day we seek out inspiration whether we realize it or not. While most of any given day is predictable, we still seek out inspiration. Our brief satisfaction may reveal itself in the perfect cup of coffee, not having any red lights, a particularly great workout, or that first sip on a cocktail when the day ends. Our mission in life is not to wait for things to happen but to create the momentum to set that energy free. I believe we are all artists of a kind – building and creating, no matter how mundane or special, they are all unique. There is a belief that those experiences have…



    There is muscle behind the magic.  Twists and turns navigated flawlessly, your ease and confidence  as you explore and navigate the familiar and the new. You push and thrust when you need to. Timed perfectly because you are hyper-aware the significance of timing and success in life. A resilience unmatched. I admire how you take care of knowing the importance of the little details. Your elegance and intensity can drive me wild.   Your body may not be consistent with modernity but you appreciate tradition in a way that most people have forgotten. In that way, you blow your competition out of the water. The world whizzes by when its just us.…

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    We soldier into the unknown familiarity of this chemical connection.  It is the beauty of carnal physics You do not mentally process what it is that happens, but certainly feel it.  A brave heart, courage, accelerated by the anticipation of a new journey into intimacy.  The brain bubbles with the excitement and confidence soars. You are in the zone. This is the moment where nothing else matters. Everything is just a part in this play called, Life. Fade to black, except for you and me, we are vividly together. The Consequence of Lust… Like a gambler, are known but just don’t fucking matter. We are freefalling into the physiolgoical response.…

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    A desire burns within all of us to be touched in that way. There is no label for it. It isn’t always easy to articulate. However, you know when it happens. When your hand touches mine. When my cheek rests on your shoulder, chest, inner thighs…and then comes the exhale of everything. This energy stops just short of carnal, for a moment. Its tender and deep. A story being written in motion of two people giving each other what they have. All of it. Nothing left behind. That is intimacy. It is something that can’t be manufactured because it comes from deep within. A mystery in chemistry. The magic of…

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    Get lost in that touch for a moment, two or three. How good it feels to have that warm hand caress you gently. Never obvious, always discreet and yet still, your mind finds its way to the dirtiest corner. You feel a lift. That’s always reassuring. A whisper, a laugh, a look. We aren’t playing games rather its just the slow path to something good. Yet, we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves. We know the significance of the present. The feelings evoked. We way not get enough but when do those mental pictures are poignantly vivid. Blink once twice as if your lashes are sweeping down on the shutter of…

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    Let me catch my breath with you. The way you can make me smile, laugh, provoke my thoughts. That heat that rises from between my legs; a body that melts when you finally kiss me. How firm and soft your tongue feels as it tickles mine. Your weight and strength reminding of your masculinity. Romance never gets old, even in the slightest of sentiment. There is never an inappropriate time. Let us not get so cynical that sentimental gesture is forgotten. What’s more, indulge with whom it may be least expected. Be bold in pursuit of the forgotten. Let go of expectation and assumption for they are man-made and unnatural.…

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    “The eyes are the window to the soul.” We hear this and it sounds romantic, deep and meaningful. If you think about the function of the eyes, they are essentially the camera of the brain. The synapse of those images, happens faster than we count; the different parts of the eye connect with the optic nerve that serves them to our brain. More importantly, our behavior and emotions are shaped by what we see. In fact, in many cases, it can be said that another part of our brain overrides what we see. In a moment of intimacy and connection, are we lost in our own souls or each other?