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Let me catch my breath with you. The way you can make me smile, laugh, provoke my thoughts. That heat that rises from between my legs; a body that melts when you finally kiss me. How firm and soft your tongue feels as it tickles mine. Your weight and strength reminding of your masculinity.

Romance never gets old, even in the slightest of sentiment. There is never an inappropriate time. Let us not get so cynical that sentimental gesture is forgotten. What’s more, indulge with whom it may be least expected. Be bold in pursuit of the forgotten. Let go of expectation and assumption for they are man-made and unnatural. Desire and longing are effortless when our pathway is clear of our neurosis. The ease and lightness of romance catalyzes the strength of our lust.

A million little moments that build from the openness that is our connection. A connection so confident that like gold is malleable and limitless in its potential as a conductor of the goregeous intensity that glitters between us.

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