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    He knew she was not the kind of flower that opened up easily. However, this was not a big secret. Foreplay was intellectual volley, she was just so damn curious and eager. He was a man with a razor sharp mind and sense of business. Indeed, people that was so disarmingly charming with the humility and integrity to match. Just Lay Back and Open Up. As a woman who loved sex, to conjure passion was never difficult. Sex, in her mind, like great conversation and intellectual prowess, was an art. It is easy enough to pain with broad, vivid strokes but what makes it unique, are all the smaller details,…

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    Every day we seek out inspiration whether we realize it or not. While most of any given day is predictable, we still seek out inspiration. Our brief satisfaction may reveal itself in the perfect cup of coffee, not having any red lights, a particularly great workout, or that first sip on a cocktail when the day ends. Our mission in life is not to wait for things to happen but to create the momentum to set that energy free. I believe we are all artists of a kind – building and creating, no matter how mundane or special, they are all unique. There is a belief that those experiences have…

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    You aren’t living in a world of make believe. Perhaps you have just lived in a harsh reality for far too long.  It’s time to be kinder to yourself. It is easy to fall into patterns.  We all do it. After all, consistency in our lives is a crave that we never realize or vocalize. It is just there.   Now, here you are…with me.  A diversion but a positive one. A window opened.  Together we are creating a path, discovering a new part of you, an adventure with no real destination, or maybe it’s just that the destination doesn’t matter. Just Between Us. A mutual bond of integrity, respect…

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    We soldier into the unknown familiarity of this chemical connection.  It is the beauty of carnal physics You do not mentally process what it is that happens, but certainly feel it.  A brave heart, courage, accelerated by the anticipation of a new journey into intimacy.  The brain bubbles with the excitement and confidence soars. You are in the zone. This is the moment where nothing else matters. Everything is just a part in this play called, Life. Fade to black, except for you and me, we are vividly together. The Consequence of Lust… Like a gambler, are known but just don’t fucking matter. We are freefalling into the physiolgoical response.…

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    Bugs Bunny LOVED his carrots. He enjoy flaunting them too. I was compelled to write about a common client behavior because of a tweet. A fellow companion mentioned how some clients love to over promise and then under deliver. This isn’t a good business practice as anyone who is in business will tell you. Listen in to hear more about this phenomenon in the client/companion relationship. While I don’t think it is ever done with malicious intent, I also think that the client/provider relationship can create a lot of Bugs Bunnies. Personally, I love a client who with his actions and never his words, completely surprises and delights. Listen in…

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    The true practice of intimacy can happen in what might seem to be the most awkward of moments. Yet, it is the openness and presence in which intimacy is felt that allows for this bond we create to thrive and not stall out. Intimacy is not a fairy tale. It is not perfection. The tenderness of leaning into a moment that could feel or be distracting, doesn’t have to be. It’s down to your willingness to explore the discomfort and simultaneously decide what you want to make of it. The beauty of companionship is in the shapeshifting of intimacy, the fun of that learning, growth.

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    Get lost in that touch for a moment, two or three. How good it feels to have that warm hand caress you gently. Never obvious, always discreet and yet still, your mind finds its way to the dirtiest corner. You feel a lift. That’s always reassuring. A whisper, a laugh, a look. We aren’t playing games rather its just the slow path to something good. Yet, we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves. We know the significance of the present. The feelings evoked. We way not get enough but when do those mental pictures are poignantly vivid. Blink once twice as if your lashes are sweeping down on the shutter of…

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    Recently I listened to the Impact Theory podcast. The guest was Sex Therapist Emily Morse. What was immediately apparent, is the significance of non-sexual points, like balancing your identity that seem to be the catalyst for why sex, or intimacy for that matter, has found its way to the bottom of the proverbial “to do” list. Basically, the more confident and centered you are within yourself, the better you can relate in connection with others. That’s obvious though, right? And yet, perhaps in a social-media, stuck-to-our-phones world, it’s not. Sure we smart enough to recognize this but maybe just too lazy to change. We should let the power of touch…