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You aren’t living in a world of make believe. Perhaps you have just lived in a harsh reality for far too long.  It’s time to be kinder to yourself. It is easy to fall into patterns.  We all do it. After all, consistency in our lives is a crave that we never realize or vocalize. It is just there.   Now, here you are…with me.  A diversion but a positive one. A window opened.  Together we are creating a path, discovering a new part of you, an adventure with no real destination, or maybe it’s just that the destination doesn’t matter.

Just Between Us.

A mutual bond of integrity, respect and trust binds us. We can now sculpt this adventure in the way that works with the chemistry and energy existing just between us. Modern intimacy. Our no-strings commitment to each other. The yin and yang of intimacy.  A road perhaps never traveled, now opens up a new opportunity. A part of your ordinary, consistent life that becomes the most bespoke part of you.

Embrace never ending discovery.

Now close your eyes, mon amour; close them so they feel opened.

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