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Get lost in that touch for a moment, two or three. How good it feels to have that warm hand caress you gently. Never obvious, always discreet and yet still, your mind finds its way to the dirtiest corner. You feel a lift. That’s always reassuring.

A whisper, a laugh, a look. We aren’t playing games rather its just the slow path to something good. Yet, we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves. We know the significance of the present. The feelings evoked. We way not get enough but when do those mental pictures are poignantly vivid. Blink once twice as if your lashes are sweeping down on the shutter of a camera.

Our mouths are now speaking another language with no words. They discover and make contact with warm and tender skin. A skin that call out in desire. A primal crave. Perfect communication.

We leverage our bodies into one another. In the next moment, its not just our bodies that feels full but its our souls. It is so easy to ignore when we are depleted of that connection that drives ordinary things like productivity and creativity. The brain is splitting apart and coming together, simultaneously.

Its you, just you. Thank you.

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