There is muscle behind the magic.  Twists and turns navigated flawlessly, your ease and confidence  as you explore and navigate the familiar and the new.

You push and thrust when you need to. Timed perfectly because you are hyper-aware the significance of timing and success in life.

A resilience unmatched. I admire how you take care of knowing the importance of the little details. Your elegance and intensity can drive me wild.   Your body may not be consistent with modernity but you appreciate tradition in a way that most people have forgotten. In that way, you blow your competition out of the water.

The world whizzes by when its just us. Your eyes, bright lights that make the road ahead of us so clear. Then, you can stop so seamlessly, but I know that in a nanosecond we will be roaring again.

Its so overwhelming but I want to feel it in every molecule stirring inside of my body.

Take me with you now. This rendezvous can’t wait.

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