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“It is good to rub and polish our brains against that of other.

Michel de Montaigne

When we look for things that will “next level” our abilities, we can overlook the most simple: interconnectedness. As a companion, I talk about the significance of connection in my ad copy and on my website. It sounds simple but it it takes work and a bit of bravery. The fulfillment of the physical needs the intellectual, to feel that true satisfaction contentment and pleasure.

Two Heads Are Better Than One.

Two heads, two bodies. An intermingling of the senses to celebrate the nature of being in this with you. Montaigne is for sure speaking about the significance of the Socratic method but I want to focus on the intimacy. The recognition of how strong a force the present is, only a small amount of energy is required to bring us together into the here and now. We exchange our thoughts and beliefs and a bond begins to build as we read the language of our limbs. This is what we aim for. If we give ourselves permission, we can see, think, and feel things that are foreign to our brains, and even to our bodies, as a new form begins to take shape. It is only through another’s voice that when we observe, and listen, we gain a deeper knowledge of who we are and what we are capable of.

Polishing the Tarnished Bits.

In the mundane routine of the solitary we find a rhythmic comfort. Let it be said that one can even feel alone in the intimacy of others too. It is stepping out of that ordinary pace and realizing the effort where connection can blossom – from making someone laugh, the bravery of touch, sharing a though or asking a question that creates a tender moment.

Our brains were not just made for passive observation but come alive in the sparring, questioning and curiosity that is life.

Rub the language of your world, your thoughts onto me. Do not stop. You don’t always need to be gentle. Let’s thrive in the discomfort of vulnerability. The fire of your convictions light the way for this satisfying candor. Your mouth, hand and stature make me cling to you. The tarnish fades and what is bright, shiny and strong reveals itself.

My world is ready for you. Polish me again.

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