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Four days into my moving to a new city, I reconnected with an awesome, talented gentleman over dinner in Cambridge. It was my first date since my move to the Boston area on March 1. Intimacy takes time and yes, practice. In my case, I’ve been practicing for the last 12 years. I think sometimes you are Now I am living in a new city and getting to know it – the good, bad and ugly.

What is Interesting About a Man.

It’s no secret that I love men. I appreciate them and enjoy learning their secrets, vulnerabilities and what makes them special. Some are in my life for many, many years, some I’ve just had a wild night with. There are those that I wish, were still in my life and some where parting wasn’t a sweet sorrow.

A man can not be afraid to laugh, to cry, to touch, to fuck…to know who he is and know what he brings to the world. He takes a risk with mind body and soul, never just one part, rather to be all in. There is no other way. Fortune favors the bold after

A Rediscovery. A New Chapter.

And so it goes. In a way, I feel like I’m starting over. Intimacy is anything but cookie cutter. There was an energy to that date that makes it exciting to be in that position. Visiting a city is not the same as living there. Though there is nobody like a NYC gentleman, I’m eager to get acquainted with the manners, style and passion of the men from New England.

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