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We were enjoying the moment….teasing, toying, and playing with one another.  My thigh highs were wrapped around his eyes because the best way to tease, of course, is to take away a sense.  Hot and sweaty…

When I was in DC last week I picked up some cigars but never had a chance to smoke them. Now was the perfect time to get creative…My mind was in a sexual spin.

What came next was just awesome.  One end in his wet mouth and the other between my succulent, slick lips…He played and it felt good.  The Churchill was at the perfect angle and pressure to deliver several different sensations through my body and mind… Now I realize why Clinton had no regrets.

Time to raise the bar.  I pulled out my vibrator.  Teasing comes at a price after all.  All at once, that Montechristo Churchill and my AA battery toy, of equal size, no less, brought me to an outlandish state of ecstasy. It was then, I asked him to hand me the cigars.   I sniffed and licked the epicurean toy, happy to indulge it in such an innovative way.

A good cigar is meant to be savored and enjoyed.  What difference does it make how you enjoy it?

My Lewinsky moment.

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