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Every Christmas, I look forward to one gift – my father’s handwritten letter on nothing-special paper, that peeps out of my stocking on December 25. It is so special that I don’t even read them.  There is such great potency in my father’s words, though they are few. They always make me cry.  

The Jane Eyre Effect.

In any important relationship that I have ever had, the handwritten letter was a significant form of communication. There is something about the sincerity of the written word, pen to paper that sets a man apart from the boys. It’s the extra effort and time, or perhaps are card chosen just for you. A letter posted in the mail. His writing on it. The expectation of not only the penned lines of text but also what could be read between the lines. The little dose of romance in an ordinary day. When I read a letter, it is like I am having an intimate conversation with that person. For some, verbal expression doesn’t come easy but put pen to paper and experience a deluge.

I would like to think that if Emily and Charlotte Bronte were living now, they might have the sense of practicality and humor to embrace email. Although spam filters can be a pain. Email isn’t quite as romantic, but sure enough, in an age, where now emoticons have a dictionary, perhaps email doesn’t get enough respect.

Santa Doesn’t Have Email.

When we are young, we write our letters to Santa, simple as they are but so pure in their intent and desires.

The holiday season is as merry and bright as it can be tough. We remember those who have passed that we long for, contemplate and appreciate our blessings. ‘Tis the season for presence of mind, if there ever was a season.

The Forever of Paper.

Perhaps what makes the handwritten letter stand out is its age and readiness. Kept safe in a tucked away place, like one of those snow globes – a quick “shake” and you may find yourself in a different time, remembering moments that feel, smell and taste as if it were happening in the moment and experiencing words with a fierce velocity that takes the breath away.

I’ll take romance.

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