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I used pronouns with flexibility before it was “mandatory” on a LinkedIn profile.   The embodiment not of an individual but of a thing, for the use and pleasure of someone else.     The “it” represents that perfectly.    You will notice, that I only refer to myself in the third person; “the slut” or “it.”   What is written in these chapters, was the beginning of a journey that was unlike any other. 

Forget the cliche of “50 Shades of Grey.”   This archive is an autobiographical sexual journey that delves deep into the psychosexual realms – BDSM and power exchange. It’s more than a story, it was my life for 5 years. If you were a friend of mine during that time, it may have been overwhelming, but for me, it was just my life. I ate, sleep fucked, and thought my way as a submissive wanting to be the slave of one Master. There aren’t many who can wrap their head around what exactly that takes. Spoiler alert: Ultimately, I failed but it was self-sabotage rather than nonachievement.

I shared my life openly through my blog since that journey began in 2012. Now, I am going back and editing them as chapters that will drop each week. These chapters will be behind a paywall. I suspect it will be interesting for me too, dynamically revisiting such a poignant, and vibrant past.

Life for me is always about progress, even if there are diversions along the way. The openness in which I have shared has allowed for a positive, life-affirming evolution to occur. Thank you.

I appreciate your support and happy reading!

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