CLIENT THEOREM,  foreplay,  intimacy,  PROOF OF GROWTH & CONNECTION,  seduction,  sexual connection


The place where your fingers run, lightly scratching the place that drives me just a little crazy. You found my spot. I have a few but exploration and discovery are what matters most. This is the place where I melt, just a little. I try not to distract myself because as your hands glide over my sweet spot, my head is buried between your thighs. My body is relaxed, preparing itself for what is next and then what happens after that. There is no rush. The journey we are on is a longer and curvier road.

It’s amazing when you find that ordinary, non-sexual spot that can change your body and mind in an instant. You don’t try too hard. We are in flow with one another. There is magic being created in the chemistry that silently volleys between us. Our sapiosexual energy comes in waves. New erogenous zones are being discovered. The reaction is automatic. The whispers between us spike the atmosphere and make it hard to stay in control. Slow, baby. Slow…

It begins right between my shoulder blades.

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