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When you look in the mirror, which one are you?  

I love looking at a man’s dick. His nakedness. I know men with beautiful dicks who are not the greatest people. Then, I know men with small dicks who are awesome. They are kind, emotionally intuitive, charismatic, and humble. Yes, the line between arrogance and confidence is definitive. Then of course there is the rare breed – gorgeous dick, gorgeous man – inside and out. I love tasting them as much as I love laughing, learning, and talking with them.

How does your dick measure up?

We all know the cliche, it’s not the size but it is what you do with it that counts. Though, for this writing, it’s figuratively, because while I would love to wax lyrically about what makes my favorite dick, I am talking more about that energy and dare I say it, charm.

Do you have that emotionally intelligent swagger that provokes a woman’s curiosity? The ability to engage beyond your reflection? Do you wear your confidence like a MtM wardrobe – subdued but expertly fitting?

Tingle my body and my mind with the power of your inhale. Show how your energy can regenerate me with a vengeance.

Be the package that makes people wonder what is inside.

Be a big dick, share your thoughts…

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