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“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

Paulo Coehlo

It is to be said that the heart, if you listen closely, will always give you the answers to life. The questions that we ponder, that we cant surmise from logic and so let slip from our mental grasp, our heart is the oracle.

Love & Logic. The Theory of Everything.

Take note, none of what I write is out of naivete. On the contrary, I’ve experienced everything emotion so deeply: great love, great loss, deep pain, intense desire.

There is plenty of room in our life for logic,something we revere and celebrate. We often find ourselves in awe of those that can be so level-headed. Then there is love, a noun, verb and adjective that in all of its simplicity, just is. It patiently waits for the brave. Logic is necessary but love requires chutzpah.

The motivation to articulate our plans or to navigate the turbulent challenges that try to derail our destinies. The ability to rebound and find comfort after loss and heartbreak. A reminder that generosity of spirit is fundamental to every kind of relationship. The warrior against negativity and cynics alike. Love.

When we make more room for love, there is plenty of room for logic. Our minds can rest.

Reading Between the Beats and Lines.

Do we lack the focus to understand what our hearts tell us? Are we ready to tap into this incredible source of power? Are we guilty of keeping it on reserve until it is only truly worth of it? Why do we think so much about our feelings? If we love more, do we allow for greater capacity of true openness and contentment.

In the last couple of years, I can personally attest that when challenges arise (there have been many), its more difficult to conjure up love not just for others, but also for yourself. Fake it ’til you make it, of course. However, when things aren’t clear, life becomes harder because clarity is low and apathy, one’s true enemy, sets in.

Lean in and back. It might not feel comfortable because emotions that run deep and meaningful are sometimes harder to reach in times of struggle. Don’t stop until you find your treasure. The truth is that love is always there – beaming magnification when you can’t look straight into it. That’s the logic of it.

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