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It starts with a phone call. This distinctive nervous energy burns through this invisible line between us.  The anticipation of our meeting.  Cinema noir.  The voice leaves an air of mystery… I imagine you. What are you doing at that very moment? What are you like when you are doing something you love? How are your mannerisms different in public versus private?  It is a waiting game for us both, full of assumptions.

Our gut and brain are intimately connected.  Let us focus on that primal feeling that begins in your belly and travels through your limbic system wreaking havoc until the hour strikes. It’s time. In the seconds before, all of the conversations come rushing back, like a dam bursting. The door opens and salutations are exchanged.

We are finally here.

We trust and share for a reason. It is instinctual. Veritable strangers who desire to go a little deeper or maybe just enjoy time differently. Perhaps, to see yourself from a different prism of humanity, or because frankly, fun and appreciation of the present have been in short supply. Do we need a reason to embark on this journey together?

Together there is only surplus no deficits.

“Happiness consists of frequent repetition of pleasure.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

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